Relation Of Beauty With The Entertainment Industry

Everyone wants to live a Bollywood life because whenever we imagine the Bollywood industry, everything looks green to us. Party, entertainment, fame, money all these are the main attractions of this industry. Often we see that if a boy or girl is good looking then people advise them to enter this industry. But it’s not so easy to get into Bollywood you have to go through so much thick and thin to survive the Bollywood life. So many youngsters failed in this industry. So before making a move towards it think twice because your hard work demands so many compromises and sacrifices too.

Beauty acts as a bonus in the entertainment industry

This is true that if you are beautiful or handsome you are on the priority list. Beauty attracts everyone and earns up to four percent more than the average-looking man. We can understand this by the fact that whenever there is a beauty pageant or modeling competition, the most beautiful person is selected. There is no denying beauty comes first after all other aspects. These are the reasons always find Bollywood life full of good-looking stars who are always groomed they spend a lot of money and do hard work to sustain their beauty.


Beauty standards for the entertainment industry

In every century there are different criteria for judging beauty. Now that we are in the 21st century, it is obvious that the beauty standards of this century will also be different, but before knowing that, let us know what beauty standards are.


Beauty Standards:

Beauty standards are the qualities that a man or woman should possess to be considered beautiful or handsome. These standards are concerned with people’s skin, hair, clothing and other parts of the body.

21st-century beauty standards for entertainment industry

Fair skin, big eyes, a perfect jawline, a sharp nose, pouty lips and a slim figure. These are the parameters to judge natural beauty but now in the 21st century, we are achieving all these through artificial means. Various types of foundations and creams are available to look instantly fair, through surgeries you can change the shape of your nose, lips and whole body parts. So we can say in the 21st century beauty is not realistic like 60’s. Everyone can look beautiful if they have a pocket full of money. So we can say this century is more of artificial beauty.

People love Bollywood life which is full of entertainment and parties. But one needs to understand there is no gain without pain so if you are also attracted by the name and fame of the entertainment industry then to receive all this you should be prepared with all your body, mind and wealth.



Que:- Why do celebrities look so good?
Ans:-It is the responsibility of celebrities to look beautiful because looks are very important in the entertainment industry. Apart from this, they also take full care of their diet and health. Visiting the dermatologist regularly and using all the techniques used to make them look beautiful and young for example fillers, peelings, Botox, surgeries, etc. are all such techniques that can make them look good.

Que:- Why beauty is important in Bollywood?
Ans:- The actress in every film is the beautiful one; therefore we can say that if you are beautiful then your chances of becoming an actress can be increased by four times. Apart from this, every actor is assigned a character based on their looks. If we talk about the romantic scene in the film, then the viewer’s appreciation of that scene will be visible only when both the actor and the actress are sexually attractive. They will enjoy the scene more.

Que:- What is the role of makeup in the beauty and entertainment industry?
Ans:- Makeup has an important role in the entertainment industry because good makeup gives a flawless face to the actors and actresses onscreen. This makeup is so amazing that it can make old age look young and young age look old. Makeup adds color to every character.

Que:- Do actors and actresses look as good in real life as they do onscreen?
Ans:- The simple answer to this is that you can compare your looks in the photo with the one when you see yourself in the mirror, how much difference do you feel? The same thing happens with actors, all the lights and good makeup done onscreen make them look more beautiful and shiner as compared to the off-screen face in which there is no makeup and filters are used.

The entertainment industry is vast and is a reflection of the society we live in.
Karrine Steffans
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